Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apples, Apples Everywhere!

The beginning of our apple unit means fall has finally arrived! I think. It's still kind of hot here, but I know that fall "feeling" is on it's way! I like to kick off the apple unit by having everyone bring in their favorite kind of apple, and then we create a pictograph to show the results. Another fun activity is reading the story "The Little Red House Without Doors or Windows and a Star Inside" and cutting open the apple to reveal that the seeds in the apple make the star! A hilarious writing activity: having the kids explain how they would make an apple pie! I didn't know that gummy worms would be an essential ingredient to apple pie, but my first grade chefs think they are pretty important! We always finish our apple unit by doing an apple tasting. The items sampled this year: apple pie, apple juice, apple jacks, apple butter, apple sauce, and apple chips. Yum. Here are a few pictures of some of my other favorite apple-tivities this year:

A construction paper apple cut-away diagram.

A giant apple guy. You know I love those big crazy eyes! The kids wrote words on white slips of paper to describe an apple. From far away, it kind of looks like the apple has little band-aids stuck all over it! Ha!

During math, we were learning how to solve simple word problems, so we had to do apple problems, of course!

A favorite apple poem with illustrations by my first grade artists. I really liked the poem being this large--great for buddy reading station!


Unknown said...

I always love your ideas Sarah! I'm doing a pumpkin/ harvest unit in my class for Oct and I'm thinking about using some of your apple ideas for Pumpkins if that's alright. How did you do the writing activity for how to make the apple pie? My class seems to be barely able to write anything.

Ginger Snaps said...

I wish we could do more themed type units but it's tough to do that in 3rd grade. Very cute! =)

Janae said...

I love seeing everyone's apple activities! So cute! I'll have to post mine soon...

Jennifer White said...

*loved* your ideas and may borrow some for our Apple Day nexy year! Maybe you would enjoy checking out our Apple Day activities as well~

Thanks for sharing!=)

Unknown said...

where did you get your template for making your apple cutaway diagram? I would LOVE to have it! thanks!

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