Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Secret to How I Do it All

I have gotten so many emails in the past couple of months from fellow teachers that have been so incredibly complimentary and sweet.  Emails that remind me of why I started this blog in the first place.  But along with those emails, many have asked the question, "How do you do it all?  How do you find the balance?  The time?  How do you manage blogging, creating, teaching, kids, and family?"

The answer is so simple.

I don't do it all.

I struggle with balance.  Life with 2 kids is hard.  Working is hard.  Keeping my house clean is a tiny nightmare.  Blogging has fallen off the priority list, as has creating teaching resources for TpT.  I would be lying if I said that it doesn't bother me.  I feel a tinge of jealousy when I see other teacher bloggers that seem to be able to do it all--and then again, maybe appearances aren't what they seem.  Maybe they have the same exact struggles that I do?  The thing about blogs, Facebook, and instagram is that people usually share all the good things.  Nobody really shares the hard things.

So, hard things. Here we go.

I just want to keep it real with y'all.  And reality is, I still love teaching. classroom isn't as tidy and "picture perfect" as it once was.  For example, it's a daily struggle to keep my teaching table cleared off.  I *may* or may not be guilty of shoving things in cabinets and random drawers to make myself feel better.  Shoving things in random drawers and cabinets actually causes a new set of disorganization problems, but... I don't worry about it until I need to worry about it.  I don't work on school stuff until midnight anymore.  I have a laundry mountain waiting for me at the end of each week.  I don't exercise.  I stuff myself with cookies, candy, and junk food when I'm stressed--so...that's pretty much everyday.  My family goes out to eat for dinner way more than I'd like--because, after a long day of teaching, I'm just way too tired to cook anything.  And I SURE don't want to clean it all up! I run my dishwasher nearly everyday, because I don't want to hand wash any dishes.  Call me lazy... I don't care! I haven't had a hair cut since before my son was born.  That was about 8 months ago.  True fact.  I forget to pay my bills, even though they are due the exact same day EVERY single month! (I mean, really, what is the matter with me?!) So, the truth is, I'm kind of a mess.  I'm a little scattered.  I need to be more organized.  After nearly 9 years of teaching, I'm still figuring things out.  I think that's normal, but maybe it's not.  I don't know.   I need a popsicle.

I love my babies.  But I feel guilty because there are times when I focus more on my classroom than on them.  I worry about the time I already lost with my little girl when she was a baby because I was busy blogging or creating.  I don't want to regret time lost with my family due to technology.   Our family suffered a great loss this past month, and I've realized that family is the most important thing.  So, even though I certainly don't "do it all"--I know that I have the people I love around me, and I'm doing the best I can.

I'm off to work on that laundry mountain.  And also, pay that bill that was due on the 4th.  Thank the Lord for Halloween candy and baby snuggles.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Magical Morning

Our classroom is so cozy and peaceful in the mornings!  Usually before the kids arrive, I turn on the lamps and little lights and just have a moment before all the fun begins!  It only took a few moments of quiet to completely change my plan for that day.  I was sitting there thinking of how our room just looks magical.  I needed to do something different today...

We are right in the middle of a Mercer Mayer author study (the author and illustrator of all the Little Critter books), and he has a few Little Critter versions of popular fairy tales--one being Jack and the Beanstalk.  I quickly ran down to the teacher workroom to grab green paper.  I really wanted the kids to walk into the room (no big lights overhead), and see a beanstalk growing over by the window.  One big glue gun burn later (OW!) the beanstalk was stuck to the wall, and the kids were pointing and wondering all morning WHY it was there and asking what it was all about.  

Later that morning, we read Little Critter's Jack and the Beanstalk, and the kids created posters in groups to illustrate the beginning, middle, and end of the story.  They did an amazing job!  But they didn't stop there.  The beanstalk needed more details!  One little one suggested adding vines.  Another one said we needed a castle at the top.  One friend wanted to draw and add the little magical beans. And of course, Little Critter needed to be on the I found some velcro and stuck him on the wall!  When it was done, the kids had helped to transform the reading area into a corner FULL of writing, illustrations, and imagination.  I hadn't planned it, it just happened.  Watching the kids get excited about a story enough to work for over two hours creating, drawing, discussing, and planning--it was a teacher's dream.  It was one of my favorite mornings of teaching.  One magical morning.

(One photo of a section of the beanstalk.  I couldn't get the whole thing in!)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Itty Bitty Word Books (Free Download)

A few weeks ago, I shared my Michael's Create to Educate project called "Itty Bitty Word Books".  They have been A HIT with my students, and so I wanted to come back and share my downloadable file in case you wanted to use them in your classroom, too!

In case you missed that post, here's a little refresher:

I bought 4 mini photo albums (by Recollections brand) at Michaels.  I printed the pictures on card stock and added them to each album--I divided mine up by season:  fall, winter, spring, and summer.  I keep them on my writing resource table, near the paper and other word helpers.  When the kids need to look up how to spell a seasonal word, they grab one of the itty bitty books, and look it up-- like a little picture dictionary.

I LOVE them already.  My students use them DAILY for spelling help.  Also, when they are flipping through and looking at the pictures, they are inspired to create stories!  One little girl told me that she wasn't planning on writing about the beach that day, but she saw a picture of the ocean and it reminded her of her family vacation this summer.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Show Us What You Bought

I'm linking up with my friends at Blog Hoppin' to show off my TpT sale goodies!  I am SO excited to begin my school year with the resources I bought today!  Check them out:

1.  Science Blasters by my ultimate teaching FAVE--Kim Adsit!  She has the BEST packets, and if you haven't ever seen her present in person, you MUST make the time!  I just love her.  Anyway, this unit is absolutely what I have been looking for to conduct science with my littles.  It includes 20 clear, easy experiments--each with printables for student response.  I might just do one of these our first day.

2.  Editable Substitute Handbook by Amy Groesbeck!  I just discovered Amy's store this summer, and I am LOVING it!  I also purchased her schedule cards and math bin labels.  CUTE stuff.  I'm excited about this sub handbook, because I like to be prepared when I'm out unexpectedly.  This will keep me super organized and ready for anything.  I also love that it's just adorable looking. 

3.  Numbers to 120 by Anna Brantley!  I am all about the math this year.  I have a fancy new math wall, and I'm about to organize my games, and just go math crazy.  I love that this unit gives so much practice with numbers--but is interactive, differentiated, and common core aligned.  We use Investigations for math in our district, but I like to supplement my games with great resources like this!  

4.  RTI Progress Monitoring and Close Reading by Jen Jones!  These packets are AMAZING.  I am in awe of how detailed these are, and how easy they will be to implement.  I plan on using the RTI passages with my strugglers, and the close reads with my advanced readers--SO excited.  Jen is reading and literacy genius.  

Still one more day to get these great resources on SALE!  I will probably go back for clip art tomorrow.  Because I only have a few hundred clip art packs.  But I NEED more.  
I know you understand. ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Grand Prize Giveaway

Hey there teacher friends! We so hope that you are all enjoying the B2S Bash 2014 blog hop. We know how hard teachers work all year long, so we hope that some of these prizes will make your classroom life a little easier. We have one more HUGE Bash Basket that will go to one lucky winner. We are all kinda jealous of this one, and it really doesn't need a description or an introduction….




????? …..

The Ultimate Bash Basket: 

Are you kidding me?!? Now you see why we are completely jealous! We all know about the millions of different ways that you can use an iPad in the classroom…and $100 at TPT?!? What?!? 


Have y'all heard about the GoPro Camera?!? Holy amazing! The uses for this camera are endless, and it is made to endure a lot of rough housing. You know…surfing….swimming….skateboarding….24+ students! :) And the best part?!? As if it could get  any better…the videos download directly to your iPad. Just imagine the ways that you could use this in your classroom (and not have to worry about your students breaking it!) 

I know, I know! You are ready to enter to win, right?!? 

Here you go: 

And if you haven't started your Back to School Bash hop, you can begin right {HERE!} and enter for your chance to win 18 different prize baskets. It all ends TOMORROW…so hurry, hurry! 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Crafting with Michael's #create2educate

I love the folks at Michael's, because they love us teachers.  They are giving away a $50 gift card each day, starting TODAY and going through August 15th.  I was thrilled to be asked to help kick off their #create2educate Sweepstakes.  I had fun creating the following little projects for my classroom:

1.  Book Buddy Crate

So, this project initially started out as something different.  And because of my lack of spray painting skills, it turned into something else.  And that's totally cool.  Not everyone is a spray painter, right?  But seriously, this really was a simple project.  Go grab one of those wooden crates, two to three cans of your favorite spray paint, and some burlap and scrap fabric strips.  Fill the crate with stuffed buddies, and--BOOM.  You've got a rustic looking book buddy holder.

2.  Itty Bitty Word Books

I found these teeny tiny little photo albums, and couldn't resist.  They are meant to hold photos for those new Instax mini cameras, but I turned them into Itty Bitty word resource books.  I made 4--one for each season, and I plan on keeping all 4 at my writer's resource table.  They are basically seasonal word wall picture booklets.  I don't have tons of space for pocket charts, so I thought these would be a great solution.  And, they are so tiny and cute, and come in such fun colors.  My four year old loves looking at the pictures and "reading" the words.  I am still working on the file for all the little cards, and will let y'all know when it is finished...but here is a little preview:

So, get your craft on, share your project on Instagram with #create2educate, and you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card!  Easy peasy.  And fun.

Back 2 School Bash Basket: "Classy Up" Your Resources!

Raise your hand if you are a clip art addict.  Now raise your hand if you *might* be a bit of a font snob.  That's ok. I understand, and I'm right there with you.

I am sooooo excited to present my bash basket--it is full of items to help you create and "classy up" those teaching resources!  It features two $35 gift cards to two of my absolute favorite clip art stores-- Melonheadz Illustrating and Graphics from the Pond!  And, since I am just starting out with my clip art creations, I am offering someone a "lifetime license" to my clip art sets.  Meaning you will get all of my clip art sets, past, present, and future!  And, y'all, I just ADORE Kimberly Geswein Fonts. She is giving some lucky person a license to ALL of her fonts.  ALL. of. them.  That is a lot of fonts, people.

And... along with my basket, there is a $25 gift card to Creative Teaching Press. Woot!

Don't forget to stop by my blog on Saturday to read all about the GRAND prize.  I think you'll be happy... That's all I'm going to say...

Hop over to see the next bash basket:

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back 2 School Bash!

It's the week I've been waiting for…and keeping a big secret…until NOW! It's time for the 2014 Back to School Bash, and I couldn't be more excited about hosting it with some of my favorite teachers bloggers friends! Be sure and follow all of these girls to stay up-to-date on what you can win over the next few days! It all begins TOMORROW and it's completely out of control! So brace yourself!


Along with the 18 Bash Baskets that you will see in a minute, there will also be a GRAND PRIZE, but that won't be announced until…

Are you ready for some amazing giveaways and prizes? You will want to stop by all of the blogs above for you chance to win all 18 Bash Baskets. I know, I know…you are so excited! Like jump out of your chair excited! But…it doesn't start until tomorrow.So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of our awesome sponsors! 

Let's Talk Teacher {All About that PD!}
1. SDE: A two-day conference or seminar. 
2. The Ron Clark Academy: School visitation and signed copy of Crash Course by Kim Bearden

Classroom Essentials
1. Classroom Carpet from Kids' Carpet
2. The Quietest Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies
3. Jumbo Classroom Timer from Lakeshore Learning Materials

What's in your teacher bag? 
1. Laptop Sleeve and Teacher Bag from Lilia Vanini 
2. Custom Phone Case from Cuptakes
3. Younique Fiber Mascara (because every teacher needs fabulous lashes) :) 

Classroom Must Haves
1. Personalized Pencil Decor from Yellow Bee Boutique
2. Chalk Talk Classroom Decor from Mardel
3: Teepee perfect for a classroom reading center from Ashley Gabby Designs

Classy up the Classroom
1. Pencil Decor from Young Love aDOORable Decor
2. Bebop Birdie Classroom Decor from Mardel
3. $40.00 TPT Gift Card

Classroom Swag Bag
1. $100 dollars worth of swag from Educational Insights
2. $100 Gift Card from Carson Dellosa
3. $50.00 TPT Gift Card

Decorate My Space
1. Dear Class Painted Canvas from JG Creations by Jenna
2. $100 Gift Card from Schoolgirl Style 

Accessorize Me!
5 Winners: 
$30 Gift card to design your custom case from Put a Case on Me! 
1 Winner: 

For the Love of Blogging
1. $125.00 Custom Blog Design from PJ's Design Laboratory 

All Things Monogrammed
1. Denim shirt and boot socks from Shop Memento
2. Monogrammed clutch from Social Manor
3. Monogrammed bracelet & necklace from Antebellum Baubles

It's the Planner in Me! 
1. $100 Erin Condren gift card to customize your dream planner

If the Shoe Fits!
1. $100 Gift Card to Jo Totes
2. $50.00 Gift Card from Tieks

Feed Your Marker Addiction!
1. A years supply of Scentos makers

Organize Me and More...
1. C. Jayne Teach Teacher Anchor
2. Decor Pack and $25 Gift Card from Teach Created Resources
3. Caddy from Land of Nod

Techno Savvy
1. HUE HD Camera and Animation Software from Hue Animation
2. $25.00 to MPIX (Print your instagram pictures)

Rock On with these Resources
1. 3  CD's from Kids Count 123
2. Jack Hartman's Science Songs All Day Long
2. Swag Bag from GoNoodle including a GoNoodle Plus Membership
4. ALLSTAR Ellison Machine from Ellison Education

Classy Up Your Resources
1. All Fonts Commercial License form KG Fonts
2. Lifetime License of Clip Art from Sarah Cooley
3. $35 Gift Card from Graphics from the Pond
4. $35 Gift Card from Melonheadz Illustrating 

The Teacher's Kid
1. Monogrammed Lunch Bag from Tin Tree Gifts
2. $50 Gift Card from Married in May
3. Back to School Dress from Round the Bend Again

As if all of that isn't enough…each basket will also include…

It all begins tomorrow! Don't forget to look for this little button on each blog that will take you directly to the next prize package! Hopefully this will save you lots of time during the B2S rush! 

See you all back tomorrow for some giveaway fun! 


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