Monday, September 3, 2018

Birthdays in the Classroom

Birthdays are a big deal.  I don't know about you, but my first graders love reminding me almost every day for the week leading up to their day: "IT'S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY!"  Which is why making the birthday kid feel special and celebrated is so much fun to do in the classroom!

One way our first grade team makes birthdays simple, easy, and fun is to send home the Birthday in a Bag.  This bag gets sent home the first day of the month of the child's birthday, along with a letter explaining what the Birthday in a Bag is all about.  The bag is to be filled with a special snack/treats, and other little trinkets or notes by the family for the special birthday kid, and they will open the bag during snack time to enjoy their little surprises! (The bag replaces treats for the entire class, which helps with allergy situations and cuts down on interruptions.). The kids love watching their friends open their birthday bags!  To download a freebie label and letter, click HERE.

The morning of the birthday kid's birthday, I place their birthday necklace with a little confetti, and the take home birthday bag on their desk.  I just started the take home activity bag this year.  The activity bag has a memory journal, dramatic play elements for the birthday kid to enjoy, as well as a cuddly toy and birthday book.  They take home the bag to enjoy for the night, and return it the next day!

Contents of our class take home bag: play doh and cupcake liners to create "cupcakes", party hats, party napkins and plates, a birthday banner (from Target Dollar Spot), a Clifford birthday book, a balloon (for the birthday kid to keep), a small bag of confetti, a cupcake printable to decorate/color, and the class birthday memory journal.  I have created a birthday take home bag set that you can check out HERE.

Having students create birthday cards at the writing station is another easy and meaningful way to celebrate the special birthday kid!  Students can take home the cards as a keepsake from all of their friends.  Do you have any other great ideas for making student birthdays exciting and special?  Please leave a comment and let me know!  


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