Monday, October 25, 2010

Monsters, Treats, and Class Books!

After laughing hysterically through Junie B. Jones has a Monster Under Her Bed, and then reading an adorable new picture book called I Need My Monster, we first and foremost concluded that monsters are not real. (*That Paulie Allen Puffer is a real trickster, I tell you!) Then we decided to use our imaginations to think of a monster we would want to have under our beds!

*Paulie Allen Puffer is a character in Junie B. who likes to trick first graders into believing things that aren't true. (Parents, ask your first grader about Paulie Allen Puffer and the 5 secrets of Halloween--hilarious!)

This little friend has a fat monster under his bed. I love those big eyes!!!

Trick or Treat! This book has been a hit year after year in my room! The kids love to read it over and over again!

I hope to get Reese's Cups and candy corn, but this little first grade friend hopes to get "hot gum"!


Sass Class said...

Which version of Trick or Treat? Amazon has several.

Caroline Brantley said...

Very cute! Is Bear a child's name or a name the student chose?

Cyndy said...

Don't know the books, but sure love the idea of the class book of what the kids want for Halloween! Fun! Will be doing that this week, for sure! Thanks for the idea!

Miss. Parten said...

I have been "following" your blog unofficially for a long time now. I love all your cute and creative teaching ideas! I recently started my own blog ( and added you to "Teacher Who Inspire Me." Thank for all your wonderful ideas!

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