Friday, November 19, 2010

Graph-tivities and Give Me Five, Turkey!

You can't be 7 years old and not make a hand turkey--it just wouldn't be right! This week we have been practicing counting by 5's, and of course, we needed an anchor chart to help us practice! The kids traced their little hands and colored their very own hand turkeys, and they loved it so much I have been seeing hand turkeys all over the place! Thanksgiving is such a fun time to create themed activities for math! I have seen some really cute turkey graphs out there in "blog world" that I can't wait to try next week. Here are a few of the graphs we have done lately:

We have been learning a lot about bar graphs! Hmmm--seems like most of my graph ideas are about food!

This tally chart shows that most of us like pumpkin pancakes! Yum.


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