Friday, April 22, 2011

Long i...Ipad

I don't know what it is about long i that is so inspiring, but along with my long i fries {check out the post from a few weeks ago}, I have created a mini activity kit {that I used...and LOVED this past week} called "The Long i Ipad!"  Maybe I just have Ipads on the brain since Jon Cooley {a.k.a Mr. Cooley/hubs} bought a fantastic new Ipad!  We might have an Apple purchasing addiction in our household.  Anyway...back to the cool phonics small groups the kids played iBingo (looks like an ipad with long i apps!).  We also created a long i Ipad anchor chart as a class!  The long i apps they came up with were hilarious!!  Examples:  Fat guys, drive the car, find the baby, my tunes, ice cream catch, guinea pig fight, the Right I Spy!  WOW!  I am always so impressed with their creativity!  It is posted on TpT if my teacher friends are interested! Click the cloud near the bottom of my blog to take you to my store!

***In other news....I hope you like the new blog design as much as I do!!!  It was created by Becca at Jumping Jax Designs!  It matches my personality to a T!  Ha!  Thanks so much, Becca!***

Here is our GLORIOUS new iPad!  It is the COOLEST thing ever! {Of course I was checking out the new blog design.} I wish that I could have 4 or 5 for my classroom!  :)


kinderpond said...

Love the new design!

{We have an Apple situation in my house as well! lol}


Mrs. Scoma said...

Oh goodness... your new design is ADORABLE!! I'm in love! I'm asking for a blog overhaul for my birthday... ha!


Katie King said...

LOVE the new look! The birds are adorable!

Ms.M said...

I have to start by saying I adore the new design! Would you be willing to give the link of your designer?

Second, I am just in love with the Long iPad activity. I will have to file that idea away for next year.

Third, I agree that the iPad is the coolest thing! Once I get my ipod touch grant funded, I hope, I am going to ask for an iPad.

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
A Teacher's Plan

Sarah Cooley said...

Thank y'all! Ms. M...her link should be at the very bottom of my page {Jumping Jax Designs}!

Literacy Teacher said...

What a clever idea. I may have to "steal" this one!

Sarah said...

Love how you tied it into this century's technology! And the new blog design is super cute :)

mrs. tabb said...

I CANNOT handle how cute this is!!!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I just made a "long u" tube writing activity for my class! :)

Kimberly said...

I'm a few months late posting, but what ipad apps/games do you use in the classroom? I received one last May and am super ready to use it in class this year! Any ideas would be great!

Lisa M. said...

What a cute idea! I just posted this to Pinterest!!

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