Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Educational IPhone and IPad Apps!

If you have an IPhone or IPad (love them), there are some great educational "apps" out there for you to download! Here are just a few of the cool ones I think first graders might l-o-v-e!!! They will be having such a great time they won't even realize how much they are learning! Learning + Technology = Fun!!!

ABC and Me:

Letter Lab:

Tic Tac Math:

Math Bingo:

Phonics Made Easy:


cneise said...

I have an iPhone, just wondering how do you incorporate this kind of technology into your curriculum?

Sarah Cooley said...

I would love to write a grant for an IPad, but as of now, I am sadly not able to use this amazing technology in the classroom. My hope is that parents can use the apps, test them out for me, then when I eventually get my classroom IPad, I can download all of those cool learning games! You know, I never thought about letting them use my IPhone...I wonder if that would work? As a reward?! Kind of worries me though--what if they dropped it or something?!

Sweet Fairy said...

These are awesome applications. I love these. Thanks for sharing. iphone 4 ucuz

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