Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Over the summer, I usually take time to reflect upon the past school year. It is amazing how different each year is from the one before, and how I learn new things from each group of children I teach. Lessons learned this year:

*I can never have enough band-aids.
* I can make up math games like nobody’s business.
*Not being able to bend over to tie shoes with my pregnant belly, I found that more of my kids could tie shoes than I originally thought…
*Mornings in first grade are my favorite. I love hearing what they talk about when they greet each other in the morning!
*Singing in the classroom gets the kids excited, and they really don’t care how bad I sound!
*When I heard a child who had been struggling all year finally read an entire book aloud, it gave me a feeling like none I have ever felt before.
*I still learn things everyday, and I should tell my students when even I am learning something new!
*Kids love to share their writing.
*Losing a tooth is a huge deal. When one child finally lost his, everyone cheered and clapped for him like he'd just won a prize.
*Quiet mouse is the best hallway game ever, and it never gets old!
*I’m cooler than a 100 foot shark (according to William, age 6).
*I really love what I do.


cneise said...

I like your list! Especially being cooler than a 100 foot shark, (the things these kids come up with!) You've got to tell me about Quiet Mouse! I'm teaching K this upcoming year big jump from 2nd and 3rd!

Sarah Cooley said...

Thanks! :) Okay, quiet mouse sounds like a silly game, but the kids LOVE it. We play whenever we are stopped in line somewhere like the restrooms, etc... You pick one kid to be the "quiet mouse"--I usually pick an especially quiet little friend. They step out of line, and search for the next quiet mouse--they look for kids sitting quietly, hands to themselves. They gently tap the next quiet mouse on the head, and the next person gets a chance to choose! Simple, but easy good fun.

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