Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Starry Eyes

I've had several questions about my class behavior chart, so here is what it's all about! It is a system called "Starry Eyes", which our grade level decided works best for us. I think most of my grade level friends use a series of smiley faces for their cards, and I use the birds because we have a silly stuffed bird that I use as another way of managing behavior. (More about that later.) You can see from the chart that each student is assigned a number so that no one will know who has been asked to move a card. Each student begins the day on the blue bird, or starry eyes card. If a student breaks a class rule, he or she is asked to move a card. The first card is a warning. They still have a chance to turn their day around! If they move another card, they will lose 5 minutes of recess, and the child's parents will be notified of what happened via the behavior calendar found in their WOW binder (binder goes home nightly). Moving a fourth card results in sitting out 10 minutes at recess. The last card, "sad eyes" usually means it's time for a phone call home or a trip to the office. I hardly ever see the sad eyes cards--which is a good thing!


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