Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Must Have Learning Gadgets!

The following items are on my mega wish list. Meaning, I don't expect to get these anytime soon, but maybe one day when I'm rich and famous (just kidding). I will probably need to write a grant for some of these awesome gadgets, but I LOVE these little learning gems:

The Boogie Board (love the name). It is an LCD writing tablet that I think would be fantastic for spelling activities during small group, or for working math problems. They are actually very affordable--only $35.00 on Amazon! I think these might be my new MUST HAVE. So cool.

The Leapster Explorer. This one is pretty expensive, $64.99, and you have to purchase the learning cartridges to go with it separately, but I love it anyway. It has games to teach handwriting, math, science, and geography! I think it would be a fantastic addition to any center.

Vtech V.Reader. It's like a Kindle for kids! The V.Reader is a touch screen ebook that has interactive stories! Can you imagine how much fun the kids would have at listening station?! This one is $59.99.

I love technology.


Sarah said...

I am LOVING that boogie board! I can't think of a more fun way to leave messages to myself and others ;)

Janae said...

Great must haves! I love technology, too. I’ve never heard of the boogie board. That looks like so much fun! Do you have smart boards? Our school is getting them this year, and I’ve never used one before. Wondering if you, or anyone, have any great ideas for incorporating them into the classroom?

Sarah Cooley said...

There is one smart board per grade level at our school right now. We all have projectors that hook up to our computers, though. I really haven't used a smart board, but I know there are some incredible resources out there for them. You can even make it into a center activity! Jealous.

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