Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thankful Plate Full

I am so Thankful to be a first grade teacher, and to build relationships with the children I teach and their families! Speaking of being thankful, a project my class has done each year is the Thankful "Plate Full". The kids take home a large plastic plate, and they decorate it with items for which they are thankful. I love seeing how different each plate turns out! One of my students last year said he was thankful for Nick Saban (in case you don't live in the South...he's the Coach for Alabama)! So funny! {Me too, little buddy.} Anyway, here are some of the wonderful plates created by my fabulous first graders:

On Monday, the first grade teachers presented Thanksgiving activities by rotating in and out of each classroom. The kids made butter, popped popcorn, created indian headbands, and the activity I had the kids make was Mayflower Story Bracelets like the one below:

I found this adorable poem on Dr. Jean's website. The poem goes with the colors on the bracelet!

As I was retelling the story of the first Thanksgiving, I used the picture magnets above! This also helped the kids remember the order of the colors for the bracelets.

We also created a new class book called The Turkey Hid. The kids had to think of a place a turkey would hide to escape being Thanksgiving dinner! This is a lift-the-flap book. The turkey is hiding underneath each drawing!

We also went shopping at the Thanksgiving Store!

The kids used this list to help them shop for items:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!


Cara Carroll said...

Stop yourself LOVE it!!! That plate full idea is definitely making an appearance in my plans next year and I'm absolutely LOVING the Thanksgiving Store idea, too!! Darling!
Cara :)

Miller Moments said...

Love your thankful plates!

Literacy Teacher said...

I LOVE the plate idea. It is so clever! Your class book about the hiding turkey is so cute!

Happy Turkey Day!!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

The shopping for Thanksgiving food idea is great! I will definitely be using that one next year!! I teach first grade, too!

Natalie Kay said...

I love, love, love the plate idea! I will steal that idea for next year (I hope I remember!) :)

ALM said...

What a WONDERFUL blog! I was a first grade {best grade EVER} teacher for 3 years before I had my little boy and decided to stay home. Your posts make me really miss it! I'll have to pass your blog along to some of my teaching friends -- you have great ideas!! :)

Kim said...

You have the cutest ideas--EVER! I have been feeling like my 1st grade teaching ideas were so old and burned out lately, I'm so glad I decided to google 1st grade blogs and landed on yours! Thank you, thank you for your wonderful blog!!!

LovelyNina said...

Love your thankful plate idea. I want to do that as our monthly family project next month. Did you have a parent letter that you can share?

Beach Sand and Lesson Plans said...

I really like the bracelet and the story The Turkey Hid. I could totally do this in 3rd. Thanks for sharing!
Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Lori L said...

I love your Thanksgiving store activity. Would you be willing to share your patterns/paper for it? Thanks for the great ideas!


Alisha said...

Would you be willing to share the book? I love this!

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