Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Trees For Sale!

Christmas Trees for Sale! This creative writing activity is one of my favorites. The kids imagine a special and magical Christmas tree that they will try to get others to buy. They have to describe what is unique about their tree and how much they would charge for it. The tree ideas this year were very imaginative! We had a Rock and Roll Tree, a Candy Cane Making Tree, a Drilling Tree (to drill holes in your yard), a Decorating Tree that decorates the house for Christmas, a Wishing Tree that grants wishes, an Elf Tree (comes with FREE elves!), a Flying and Disappearing Tree, and even a Protecting Tree (tells on those bad guys trying to take the presents!). Most of the first graders charged about a dollar for their trees, while some were $28.99. One tree was pretty expensive--9 trillion dollars!


Anonymous said...

I love this idea for persuassive writing for any grade level!

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