Sunday, March 6, 2011

What is a Wonder Pug?

I am a picture book collector, and this is one I just bought for Emma *who turned ONE this weekend*!  (Can't believe it!)  Anyway, this book is one of my new favorites.  It ranks right up there with Skippyjonjones, and that is kinda a big deal {for me}.  This story begins with an adorable little chick who is reading "The Adventures of Wonder Pug", and daydreaming of a life of adventure as a super hero.  He desperately wants to be Wonder Pug.  The chick is beside himself with excitement when he runs into a real life pug (who is far from being Wonder Pug!) The story is so sweet and funny, and the pictures are incredible.  I highly recommend it for your own classroom or home libraries! 

Meet Teddy! (Our own little Wonder Pug.)

He could be a super hero, right?


klannon said...

So Funny, I just bought this book today for my first graders. I have a wonder pug named Otis and the kids just LOVE to hear stories about him! I can't wait to share this book with them tomorrow!

S. Parker said...

What a cute book! Another to add to my collection!

Laurie said...

Great name for your pup and with that stance he has the super hero look down!

Ms. A said...

Have you read Unlovable? It's another adorable pug book. :)

Ms. Thomas said...

O my goodness!! I cannot wait to buy this! I have two pugs and I just love them. Teddy is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Ms. Thomas

Chrissy said...

This looks adorable! (Have your read "Sunday Chutney"? My kindergartners are still asking for this book, six months after I discovered it!)

Happy Birthday to your baby!


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