Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best "Beehavior" Catalog

We have 5 rules in our classroom, known as "The Five Bees Promise".  You can see the 5 bees {here}.  I have learned over the years that positive reinforcement is a wonderful way to manage behavior, and makes the classroom environment one that is happy and encouraging!  When my students follow The Five Bees Promise, they have the opportunity to earn "punches" on their "Good Behavior Golden Tickets" a.k.a.  "Punch Cards".  When the ticket is full of punches, that little friend can redeem the ticket for any prize found in the Best "Beehavior" Catalog.  All items found in the catalog are meaningful, fun little prizes that cost me absolutely nothing.  I do not have a treasure box--and believe me, they really don't miss it!  Here are some of the "bee-utiful" prizes:

We have something called recognitions at our school.  They are like tiny certificates that the teacher fills out, the child takes to the front office for a big sticker, and they wear it for the rest of the day.  You would think these things were made of gold!  They love them!  

The prizes have worked out wonderfully!  My most popular choices are "Swip-Swap" and "Friendly Lunch".  Any other great ideas for fun and free prizes to add to my catalog?  

P.S. I would love to share this with my teacher friends, but I don't know the rules about sharing with Lettering Delights materials.  Does anyone know if it is okay? 


Michelle said...

Hey Sarah- I love everything you do. You are so creative. You actually can't share anything from LD without having the commercial version.

Melissa said...

That catalog is awesome! Some other things I've done are lunch with the teacher, shoes off in class, and sit at the teacher's desk for a day. Lunch with the teacher is a very popular choice.

Mrs.B said...

Hi Sarah,
I love your blog ! You are a rockstar amongst my first grade team! I wondered if you had ever posted any other of the quarterly benchmarks that you had posted back in March, I believe that you posted a third quarter. Any others? Any help would be soooo appreciated !

Abby said...

This is *PRECIOUS*!!!! Totally going to copycat you on this one!!! Love it, girl! {Cute AND *free* really speaks to me ;) }

Rachelle said...

HOW CUTE! I'm lovin' it!

Melissa said...

Genius!! I love having the prizes in a binder to choose from. I may have to use this too. Thanks!

Busy Bees said...

Love the ideas!! These are fantastic!! Just found your blog and love it!!

Barbara said...

I love your 5 Bees! Thank you.
Grade ONEderful

Mrs. D said...

This is awesome!! I'm going to make one. :)


Lauren Morse said...

Cute ideas! I really thought the rule with Lettering Delights was you couldn't sell anything without the commercial licence-- but sharing was fine. I hope I didn't break the rules! I guess I better go back and read more carefully.

Anonymous said...

I'm now a homeschool mom, but I spent 12 years teaching 1st grade. I won a grant for my behavior management system, which involved several "free" rewards students could "purchase." It looked very different from yours, but had the free element in common.

Another fun free idea for your book that my students loved was to sit at the Teacher's Desk for the day. I had a special assortment of materials on my desk just for the "student teacher" to use instead of their personal desk basket of supplies. I had twistable crayons, glitter crayons, markers in other shades, novelty pencils & erasers, a golden ruler for math work, etc. The student could choose to be called by their "teacher name" for the day, their surname like a real teacher. I obviously had to keep my personal items out of reach. It was always a good incentive to keep my desk clean! A review of how to use the Teacher's Desk responsibly is very necessary. Students abusing the privilege, such as opening my drawers, lost their special seat.

I also had a very special read aloud chair. Students could "pay" to sit in the read aloud chair all day. They would take their desk basket of supplies, any needed books, and a lap desk to do their work on. There were times they could not see an important part of the room from this special seat so we had a portable version (a special cushion) that they could carry to where they could see, plop it on the floor, and call that their spot as long as it was necessary before returning to the read aloud chair.

Next, we had a class reward of Free Choice time the last 30 minutes on Fridays. I had a special section of really cool and different art supplies. Students could "pay" to use these art supplies to create something during Free Choice Time and keep their creations. You can stock this with items from parent donations, PTA donations, grants, or $1 bins from your favorite big box stores. My students LOVED this and most of the time chose to make something for me!

I had a forest theme in my room with free standing trees I made out of recycled materials. I also had vines hanging from the ceiling and had monkeys with the velcro paws that would hang on the vines. Another reward was to "pay" for the use of a special animal friend for the day. I didn't care what the kids did with the monkeys as long as these 2 rules were followed: a)the monkey cannot interrupt your learning. b)the monkey cannot interrupt someone else's learning. This will have to be modeled before you turn animals loose in your classroom (maybe Beanie Baby Bees would fit your theme? you can find them on eBay). If a student broke a rule the monkey would go in my time out box and then returned to the student to try again a little later. A second offense resulted in the monkey going back to the forest vine for the rest of the day. Having an animal friend they could have at their desk, attach to themselves, bring with them to centers/carpet time, etc. was really fun. I did not allow them out to specials like music or pe, nor were they allowed out of the room for any other reason like bathrooms, recess or lunch.

Finally, though I personally didn't do this as I had babies to nurse at lunch the last few years, you could also have a "lunch with the teacher option" in which a student and a friend have their own lunch in the room with you for some fun individual time with the teacher.

Thanks for letting me share!
just2buy.sell at gmail dot com

Natasha ❤ said...

I love your ideas! I've been trying to find ways around a treasure box & your ideas hit the spot. Thank you! :)

Michelle said...

LOVE this idea! :) I also use "10 minutes of Free Time" and the student gets to pick the activity. Most of them choose to paint, stamp, or something else creative that our day never allows for on a daily basis. Thanks for sharing! :)

Mrs. Larremore said...


I LOVE these!! If you find out your can share them, I would LOVE a copy!! Thanks!! :)

Erin Eberhart said...

Super cute!! Thanks for sharing. Another great idea would be "stinky feet" where students can take their shoes off for a day and walk around in the CLASSROOM in their sock feet! Or...I've even done "teacher's pet" and students can grab a chair and set next to you all day. (Depends on your nerves with that one - ha!) I've got a few more ideas too, I'd be happy to share. I did them in my room when I taught 3rd grade! I agree with you, they work great and cost no money! Whoo hoo :)

K. Mo said...

I also do sit with a stuffed animal for the day. Students who "purchase" this option can bring an animal from home (it has to be small enough to fit in their backpack) or choose from my classroom animals.
Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

Angela W. said...

Thank you for sharing a phenomenal idea...I love when simple becomes genius! I loathe my treasure box, now I have an awesome alternative!
Angela Just Love Teaching!

Sandra said...

Love this idea, thanks so much.

Leah Taska said...

Ok, so our school mascot is the bee. How perfect, I know. I absolutely love this idea. I have always hated using the treasure boxe, because the students get bored with it. Do you have this for sale or can you email me a copy of it. I would like to use it in my classroom. Thanks and I absolutely love your blog!




Mamie said...

Here is a link to the Lettering Delights "personal license" use agreement. http://www.letteringdelights.com/license.php

They are very clear about not sharing products created with Lettering Delights materials that were purchased under a personal license.

Here is a link about their commercial license: http://www.letteringdelights.com/commercial_license.php

I LOVE your reward catalog, and am totally going to create my own version with rewards appropriate to my classroom situation - thank you for such a GREAT idea! I love all the additional suggestions from the comments as well. I have been desperate to abandon the "treasure box," and this is the key to doing so. Thanks again!

Jessica said...

This is such a wonderful idea!!!! =) You are so creative!!!

Deb said...

Awesome idea! I realy want to do this with my class this year! Thanks for your great ideas (and thanks to Kathleen who commented with all of her great ideas, also!). Brilliant!

Oh My Little Classity Class

Tami said...

Those are great prizes for the kids. I recently started doing something similar, but there is a free-choice reward for every space a student moves into the safe water (it's an ocean theme), and the positive reinforcement has been wonderful. If a student moves into the last section of the safe water, they get a certificate home, which they love. Thanks for sharing your idea!

Kiersten said...

I LOVE this idea and your blog!! What a great alternative to the prize box. Plus, I feel students will appreciate these fun rewards more than just a silly little toy! Great job :) Also, I love lettering designs. What clip art did you use for your pictures (you can email me at lovan13@hotmail.com)? I'd love to create my own binder!!

whit said...

How FUN! I have some of these on my list but I'm stealing more :) right now my most popular good behavior choice is "sock day" where they basically leave their shoes under their desk and run around in their socks. hehe, so easy and they feel so cool!

Mary said...

I LOVE this idea to give the treasure box the boot. I also love the "stinky feet" idea. Something I do is to reward a child with leading the Morning Meeting (calendar, reading the morning message, etc... they love this!) and allowing a well behaved child to take our class mascot home for the night.

Also, I have to say that I am SO glad to see you posting lately. Is it sad that I missed you?!?

Adventures in Kindergarten

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

Would you mind sharing the name of the LD Font you used??

One Happy Teacher said...

So glad you shared this! Definitely going to do this. Making my book already. I had stinky feet (no shoes in classroom), stuffy day (bring a stuffy to school - or use from the class), dictation vacation (no dictation on the next week's spelling test), homework vacation (1 night off of homework), lunch with teacher, Super Supplies (use fancy supplies in the fancy box - i.e. glitter crayons, gel pens, glitter glue, neon markers, colored pencils, themed pencils, etc.)

My name is Josephine. said...

How precious!

Great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing :) I plan to use the "Bees" within my classroom :)

I really like the borders you used in your beehavior catalog! Where did you get those cute borders??

Thanks again for sharing!

Kristin said...

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Tiffani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffani said...

Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea! I am going to use some of these. I'm thinking of adding a "Rock Out" reward, giving my students the option to sit in the teacher's rocking chair during independent reading one day. I really like the "Super Supplies" idea, also. My students just love using my mechanical pencils. :)

First Grade O.W.L.s said...

This is so ADORABLE! I used this type of reward system with my 3rd graders and I had all the choices that were mentioned except I also had a music pass. Students could bring in their favorite CD (school appropriate) to listen to during morning work, end of the day and sometimes writer's workshop. They LOVED being able to bring in their music. I may have to try this with my first graders! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Where did you get the border you used??

Judy Lau said...

Wow - I LOVE this idea! My treasure chest is almost non-existent so this would be a great alternative. thanks for sharing!! :)


Emily said...

I LOVE this idea! If you find out that you are allowed to share, I'd love to have a copy! :)

Brooke said...

Would you mind posting a pic of your good behavior golden ticket punch card! You have amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing:)

Sarah Cooley said...

Thanks so much everyone! I am not able to share, since I haven't purchased the commercial licenses for everything--I'm sorry! The border came from the lettering delights set "doodlescrap". The cute kids came from "Grown Up Girls" , and "Trick or Treat Kids", the little worm came from "Bookworms" and the bee for the cover came from the set "scribble bugs" (all Lettering Delights). The large font on each page is called Pea Noodle's Girlfriend--it is FREE from Kevin and Amanda!! The smaller font explaining the prize is LD Fundamental! Maybe this will help you create a fun bee binder of your very own! THANK YOU so much for all the additional ideas! I have added "Silly Socks", "Pet Shop", "Super Supplies", and "My Tunes" to my binder thanks to all of you for sharing!!

Kristy said...

Love, love, love this idea! I have always struggled with finding cool things to put in our treasure box, so this sounds like a perfect alternative! I'm going to work on my version tomorrow!

Teachin' First

Hailey said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing! I have been looking for a way to totally revamp my discipline system this year, and I am definitely going to incorporate this! Can you explain your whole discipline system? Thank you so much!

ronnie said...

This has got to be the best idea I've come across while "blog stalking". I've always felt like I'm bribing a student if I give prizes for behavior. Some of my colleagues have "stores". I want to spend my time (and money) on other things. I think I can definitely do this :)

Christina said...

thanks for sharing!! I LOVE this idea, Im moving to 4th grade but I think I can make this work, kids still like incentives at any age ;)


miss m said...

love this idea!!!! would you mind sharing your punch card, if possible, and an overview of how you do your behavior system? thanks!!

ellen said...

LOVE this idea! I always struggle with how to reward the kids. I had pom poms I gave out,as warm fuzzies, and could never get into the treasure box idea, this is so easy and I love the idea of having a catalog! Thanks..ellenbel5@yahoo.com

Miss B said...

Great ideas! Going to add these to my privileges!
Miss B, Busy Bee

Anonymous said...

Sarah, this idea is simply fabulous! I can't even imagine how much money I am going to $ave. Lately I have been feeling guilty when I pass the prizes at the $1 section at Target and don't scoop any up for my tiny friends. I just don't feel like spending money on things they're going to love for a minute or two, then lose.

Thanks for the AMAZING idea; I cannot wait to make my own binder.


Kristin Young said...

I love that! We're moving from the color system (green, yellow, red...) to a more linear system where the students start in the middle and can move up or down based on behavior. So...no more Treasure Box Fridays for being green all week! I might tweak this so that if they're "good" they can choose from one section or if they hit "great" they can choose another. Maybe I'll just keep the treasure box in as an option. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Jamie LaFuze said...

Thank you SO much for the great post. I love not having to use my treasure box, and all of these ideas would be awesome to my kindergarten students. I'd love to see what your behavior punch card looks like as well if you get a chance!

Wintaka said...

Love the ideas for not having a treasure box. Do you have your cute pages in the TpT store?
I would love a copy.
The clip art kids are too cute.

Carrie said...

Thanks so much for this awesome idea. Please update all of us eager teachers if you are able to share!! carriewahl@gmail.com

William Smith said...

Thanks for sharing the poster ideas. I love the recognition rockstar poster. We can't celebrate student success enough.

William Smith

mrsmabe said...

Love this idea! Will totally be adapting for my jungle theme! Thanks so much for sharing!
Mrs. Mabe

Mrs. Gargan said...

Sarah - what a great idea! Thank you for sharing! I borrowed many of your ideas - I think the kids are going to LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

My classroom theme is bees, too! I absolutely love this idea! Teachers spend enough money on their classrooms, we shouldn't be wasting money on small trinkets that break before the kiddos leave the room! Do you mind sharing your beehavior punc cards? I'm assuming this is for individual incentives. How do the kids earn a punch? What do you do for group or whole class rewards?

Thanks for sharing such creative ideas! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I must try the catalog system! Thanks for sharing. :)


Camille said...

Sarah, I love this idea! I believe in giving students choice and your behavior catalog does that beautifully! I realize you can't give away (or sell) the pages due to copyright issues with the graphics and fonts. So I went ahead and typed up your ideas and added them to the end of this post-if that is not alright, PLEASE delete this post. I don't want to step on your wonderful toes, but I loved your idea so much that I wanted to start to work on my version. Once I had it typed, it made sense to share it with your other followers who also love your idea.
An Open Door

Best Behavior Catalog

Show and Tell
*Bring in something you just love and share it with the class.

Be Proud … Read Aloud
*Read a favorite book aloud to our class or another 1st grade class

Friendly Lunch
*Pick a friend from another 1st grade class to eat lunch with you!

Dibs on the Computer
*Whenever you finish your work, you’ll be first on the computer to play some games!

Recognition Rockstar
*Earn a recognition for all your great behavior!

Cool Cat in the Hat
*Wear your favorite hat to school

*Trade desks with a friend for the day

Silly Socks
*Take off your shoes and leave them under your desk during classtime

Pet Shop
*One stuffed animal gets to sit with you all day

Stuffed Day
*Bring a stuffed animal from home to work with for one day (The animal must fit in your backpack!)

Super Supplies
*Use our super supplies to make any project fancy

My Tunes
*Bring in a music cd for us to listen to during writer’s workshop (MUST be teacher approved!)

shshiver said...

I love your blog! Do you have a letter explaining your catalog to parents. Do you send home anything to let parents know what treat the child has earned? Thanks so much!!!

whitesilkpurse said...

Wow! What a great plan. Many thanks to you ( and many of your comment posters) for great ideas. I, too, have dreaded the filling of the treasure box. This is FABULOUS!!

Kristina said...

I love it! Totally going to use it this year! Are the graphics from lettering delights also?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great ideas! I am going to adapt/adopt this and name mine- "I spy good behavior catalog" since I am doing a mystery theme this year. For the recognition option- I added a phone call home, good behavior postcard in the mail, trip to see adm for a high five/recognition etc

Primary Connections

Deb said...

My blog post for today links to you! :)


Thanks again for the amazing idea!!

Heather Kaldis said...

Love, Love, Love your site! I created my version of your "Beehavior" Binder. Thank you for the wonderful idea. I am just starting out my blog, but I linked to you! I would love for you to check it out! I can't wait to really get going during the upcoming school year!

My blog is pencilspaperandpd.blogspot.com

Christina Bainbridge said...

Love it! I want to get away from the prize box this year too. Did you find out if you could share? If so, I would be thrilled!

Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

Diane said...

This is an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing! In my 3rd and 4th grade classrooms, the students earned money to buy prizes. Some were free to me, others were not. I never thought of putting them into a binder. I love that idea! I'm being switched to first grade and love that I can do this without the prize box. I'm going to get started making my own binder or catalog. I hope to use my money system, too.

Thanks for sharing the clip art. I'm just learning how to use clip art. I also have a new blog and am learning how to use it. I haven't written much yet, but I'm sure I'll have more once I begin first grade. Your blog has given me so many ideas. I've enjoyed reading it over the summer.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Are you able to email me a copy?

Check out my blog

Anonymous said...

Came up with some more "Whiteboard Fun"- draw on your whiteboard during snack and "Line Jumper", pick where you want to stand in line order today!

Christie said...

FAN.TAB.U.LOUS! I just love this idea-my treasure box makes me CrAzY! Definitely tossin that thing & goin for this adorable catalog. I'm gonna try makin mine in a jungle theme!
Thanks for the inspirations-you're awesome!
Christie :)
First Grade Fever

Katie P. said...

I LOVE the idea of a binder for the kids to pick their reward! I'm going to have to make a monster themed punch card and binder now! I just finished blogging about this idea because I think it's awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

Katie :)
check out my blog at Teachers Ask, Teachers Tell

Sheri Thompson said...

I love these ideas! And as a parent overrun with plastic toys, I will not miss the treasure box. Looking forward to meeting you next week at meet the teacher. (Dani is my daughter.)

Jenna said...

I'd love to see what your punch cards look like....how many punches does it take to get a prize? Where do the students keep their cards?


Anonymous said...

WOW! This is a first grade teacher's dream! I am so glad I found you...I look forward to keeping up with your blog. I'm going into my third year as a teacher and I love all of these creative ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

I love all these ideas. Last year was my first year teaching and I used these ideas as my biggest rewards. They definitely liked these over the prize box and would save up all their tickets.

I would love to know how you keep track of what the kids choose in the catalog. Are their little slips that they can write their name on and keep until they use their earned reward? Do you simply make a list yourself.

Also, from other teachers as well...when is the best time in the day to distribute the earned rewards. I always waited until Friday but it was crazy. Maybe this year have time on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. What works for you guys? What time works for you guys?

Sarah in Houston said...

Hi, My middle initial is B so we are the "Bees",too. This is perfect for me. I've never liked taking away things from kids, but haven't figured out an alternative that is not bribery in disguise. This is be great for those kids who don't get recognition for being good. Do you use system a for taking away things for bad behavior, too? like the traffic signal. If you do, do you have activities you take away from those kids? I'd be curious how you handle this.

Anonymous said...

I liked your idea so much, I tweaked it for my classroom. Check it out here. Thanks for sharing!

A Happy Teacher
One Happy Teacher

ronnie said...

Were you ever able to find out about sharing? If so, I would definitely appreciate it. vhair61215@gmail.com

Tawnya said...

GREAT ideas! Thanks for sharing. I am doing bees too, so I will be making the catalog. AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am a new first grade teacher and I have absolutely LOVED your blog, it has gotten my creative juices flowing! I'm trying to think about logistics in my classroom. Can you tell me more about your "Golden Ticket" system that you use? I love the idea, and would love to see how it works in a first grade room. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sara, I LOVE this idea, and the way you designed your catalog! Thanks for sharing pics and graphics information :) Ican't wait to create a classroom catalog too!

primary practice said...


Thanks again for sharing the graphics and font information for your behavior catalog. I love your design, and I hope you don't mind that I used the same graphics for mine- just switched out the bee with a star.

I totally would have bought yours if it was available on TPT- so cute and creative!

I added a few of my own, included some suggestions posted here (thank you, too), and changed a title or so. I know this book will be an exciting motivator and reward for my kids. Great visual!

Here's what I added to mine:

Guest of Honor -Sit at front of class sprcial desk or table) facing group for the day.

Artist Retreat: Take 15 minutes to create with art supplies.

Pajamarama: Wear pajamas to school for a day.

Unbirthday Celebration: Bring a treat for the class and we'll celebrate your unbirthday.

Post-it! All About You: Create a pooster with photos, drawings, and facts about you.

Feature Teacher: Teach the class how to do something.Bring props from home if needed.

Game Day: Bring a (non-video) game to school to play with (1-3) friends at recess.

Clay Station: Take 15 minutes to relax and work with clay,

Building Break: Take 15 minutes to build with Legos.

Doodle Time: (New name for idea I saw here.)Doodle and draw on a white board during snack.

Magic Slippers: Bring (non-slip)slippers to school to wear in class for the day.

Costume Caper: Wear a costume to class for the day. (Must be safe to walk in and no mask!)

Crown Me: Wear a crown and be King or Queen for the day!

Tech Timeout: (variation of dibs on computer)
Take 15 minutes on the computer to tap into your tech skills.

Primary Practice

Sarah said...

First, I have to say, I LOVE your blog! I am definitely using this idea! I came up with another reward that I thought I might share. Paparrazi - be the class photographer for the day. I don't know about your school, but teachers at my school are in charge of their yearbook pages. I thought this would be a great way to get them involved in the process! Plus, who doesn't love taking pictures?! :)

Anonymous said...

When I saw this idea I stopped everything else I was doing to make it! Thanks to you Sarah, and all the other posters who's suggestions have given me a catalog with 14 choices!


dbednars said...

Just found your blog, what an awesome idea. Like everyone else, I have to get busy... Thank you so much for sharing!

primary practice said...

Hey Sarah, I'm back again! Having so much fun creating this catalog! I'm definitely adding "Paparazzi"-thanks for sharing the idea :)

Also, I'm adapting a reward idea Doris shared over at at Third Grade Thinkers. She prints out "Front Row Seat" tickets as a reward to use during whole group read alouds.

I'm adding a "Front Row Seat" pass for the day to my reward book.
Primary Practice

p's. sorry I left off the "h" in your name in an earlier post.

primary practice said...

oh, one last thing...where did you find the desk clipart for swipswap?

Unknown said...

love this, just created a version for myself

Lindsey Cornett said...

This is so awesome. I just got my first teaching job as a first grade teacher! I am definitely putting this into action. :) Thank you!

Jaci said...

What wonderful ideas... as a past ESL para I've been in and out of so many classrooms with the "treasure box" that just seemed to be a collection of cheap toys. Kids almost always chose a different type of reward. I did not want to replicate in my own classroom. This post gave me so many additional ideas! Love the them being in a binder. And with so many ideas, it will be easy to "freshen" the binder from time to time. Thanks to everyone. I'll be passing these on to colleagues. We could all use a boost.

Anonymous said...

Hey, when do you find the time to distribute/manage these things? I tried the same thing, but kids had trouble keeping the tickets. Do kids fill out requests or what? Also, everyone was collecting at the same time and that just does not work. The kids end up feeling cheated if ten people are having a friendly lunch. Please advise.

Tara said...

I absolutely love this idea. I am student teaching and am going to keep this in mind for my future classroom.

Traci Clausen said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I hurried to make a version of my own that suited our class money system. I posted some pics up on my blog.

Thanks for sharing!
Traci @ Dragonflies in First

sofia said...


where do you get your cute borders/graphics from??

Malik Rahamim said...

Swip Swap, so cute, and Sofia, I think she just creates them from the top of her head.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I am moving from 5th grade to 1st grade for the next school year and I can't wait to incorporate this into my new classroom. What does the punch card look like? You can email me at bheyboer@gpsk12.net

Kaylees Education Studio said...

These are great awards for classroom management.

Emily said...

I am working in 4th grade and am going to use some of these ideas there. They are going to love some this and it's not going to cost me a thing! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

My students love "Stinky Feet" where they can take their shoes off in the classroom for the day.

amber said...

LOVE this! it's super cute and i never would have thought of it!

teacher2 said...

Do you share copies of your Beehavior catalog? It's amazing!

Kimberly said...

I can't seem to find the 'doodlescrap' border. I love the border and need it, help! :)

Amy and Elliot said...

I love this! Thanks so much for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this! Our mascot at my school is the bee- is there any way you could share this?

My email is:

Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas! :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved your Bee-havior catalog! Our school mascot is the bee- would it be possible for you to share with me?

My email is: Courtney.Castillo@gmail.com

Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas! :)

Teaching Tree said...

Just found this!!! I do this almost exact thing and have for years! I am adding the catalog idea and putting each page in a plastic page and leaving an empty section in the middle of the page with numbers for kids to "sign" up for available spots to write their name in dry erase marker. That way I have it all in a binder who has picked what and their friends can see to... I have a class roster in the back of the page protector so I can write the date when they selected that particular item. I also have the exact page shrunk down into "coupon" size that I take out and write their name and stamp the date so they know I have approved it and they can take it home to share with parents. I let them have access to the catalog for a few minutes at the end of the day...pack up time. Final decisions are made on Thursdays for us since many of them will "cash in" on Friday. The week long ones go from Friday to Thursday the following week. I use classroom dollars and I am planning on adding the cost of each one with sticky notes so I can change the price as needed!

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