Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wondrous Word Files

Vocabulary words are known as "Wondrous Words" in my classroom!  One of my new favorite activities to review and reinforce using our new vocabulary words is the Wondrous Word File Folder!  Each student has a mini Wondrous Word file folder like the one pictured above, and each week, they pick one of their favorite new Wondrous Words to add to the file.  The kids have to use the word correctly in a sentence and draw a picture to go with the sentence.  Each new page is attached to the file on a metal ring.  (Having the ring makes it easy for the kids to flip through and review their previous Wondrous Words!)    

Love this guy's word file!  He definitely earned the "Sugar Cookie with Icing and Sprinkles Award" for his  fantastic work!   


Laurie said...

Love this! What a great way to introduce new words and to have them use it in their writing.


Jessica said...

These are so cute!!!! I love this idea... I wish my kindergartners could write sentences on their own so I could put this as a center! ;) I'll def. share it with the 1st grade teachers at my school though! They will LOVE it!

Laura624 said...

I like your idea! :) How do you teach vocabulary? Do you have a certain list you introduce each week? Or do you just pick and choose news words to discuss from various read alouds in your classroom?

alwayslearning said...

I love this idea!! Are these available in your tpt store?
I just love your blog and all of your ideas!

Unknown said...

I love this idea and have been searching for a new way to introduce voc. words that doesn't take up a ton of paper! Is there anyway to get a copy of this sheet? If not, no biggie!


Anonymous said...

Would love a blackline of this sweet book. Could you email me a copy or post a link to where I can find it? Thanks.

Deb said...

Love your idea for building student vocabulary! Are you willing to share your fab idea or might it be on TpT??

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