Thursday, August 16, 2012

Talented Teacher Friends

So...I went shopping!  I found the best little packets for Back to School, thanks to my extremely talented teacher friends.  I am so excited to get started with all of these fun activities:

Cut, Stack, Staple, and Read by the amazing Kim Adsit!  This packet is going to be copied and used immediately in my small groups!  These fun sentence strip flap books are a creative way for students to practice sight words and phrases, with precious pictures that the kids will absolutely love.  

Wow.  About all I can say is, "Wow." We begin our year with a Kevin Henkes author study--and this packet by Brooke Hilderbrand is incredible!  It not only has great book extension ideas, but it has character building activities, too! 

I LOVE this pack of Literacy Journal Prompts by my sweet friend, Anna Brantley!  It is the perfect tool to go along with the Daily Five.  It has very thoughtful prompts that will get my students thinking and writing about their reading! 

Teachers are so talented.  I am absolutely amazed at the incredible ideas out there!   Thanks for sharing these with the teaching world, ladies!  We are grateful!!!


Anna Brantley said...

Thanks, girl:)

vicky1970 said...

BTS sale was so fun. I usually don't buy stuff because I'm saving my tpt$$$ for my daughter's volleyball ( travel ) expenses but there were some I just couldn't resist either. :o)
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