Monday, October 29, 2012

Wrigley Field Inspired

For me, inspiration comes from many places and experiences I have, and through people I meet.  I was so lucky to travel to Chicago to meet up with some of the teachers that have inspired me most in my career.  I consider them friends, and feel so blessed to have them to turn to when I need help or a listening ear.  How amazing is it that teachers are now collaborating and sharing ideas like never before?  Blogging has completely transformed the teaching community, and it is comforting to know that there are so many people out there who know exactly what we go through each day to be the best for our students.  It is incredible that we can learn so much from one another by simply sharing on a blog!  I have to admit, I was a little star-struck and nervous about meeting some of these talented and creative ladies!  But y'all, you will never meet a nicer group of people! 

Ohmyword.  It's Cara Carroll!!!!  I just love her.  

And, there's precious Abby Mullins and Amanda Nickerson!  AGH!  To quote Abby, "Stop. The. World."  Seriously. 

Here we are at "The Bean"!  So fun!  

The hubs and I traveled the city together, too!  Here we are at Wrigley Field, playing some baseball--HA! 

Umbrellas make excellent bats.

Haha!  I don't know.  It just cracks me up!  

And here we are looking pretty ridiculous 103 stories up--on the Skydeck of the Willis Tower.  
I play like I am scared, but seriously, y'all--I was shaking.  

And, I was pretty excited to see the "Adventures in Babysitting" building!  If you haven't seen that movie,'re missing out!  Just sayin'.

Stop it right now.  They had a cupcake ATM!  Yes!  I just had to get one to bring back to my sweet friend Kim for her birthday!  

What an adventure!  

So, the title of this post is "Wrigley Field Inspired"--I was so excited to create an {-ALL} Baseball Game themed phonics activity packet for my students to use this week.  The game below is what I taught them today--{-all} Baseball!  They were pumped to move their little baseball players around the bases when reading the baseball {-all} words correctly!

Tomorrow, they will play "Baseball Cover Up"!

And make baseball flip-the-letter booklets!

There are baseballs even hanging from the ceiling--these will be used for read and write the room during stations.

They will write the {-all} words found around the room on this recording page:

Are you teaching {-all} this year?  Click the picture below to get your copy!

 I will give one away to the 7th person to comment on this post!  

Thanks for reading to the end!  This was the LONGEST post.  Ever.  :)


Learning with Mrs. Parker said...

This looks like fun. I love how you got the baseball player to stand up. Very cool.

Meridith said...

This was all so cute!! Looks like you guys had fun!

Miss Vannini said...

Love this pack. We are working on this skill right now in school. Your stuff is always amazing!!

Sarah Paul said...

That trip looks like so. much. fun. What a fun group of gals! It looks like the four bloggers that got me into blogging almost 2 years ago were all on that trip (you included of course). You're all blogging celebrities to me! :)

I have to comment on the Adventures in Babysitting part of this post because that was my favorite movie for years when I was a kid. I'm sure I could still quote most of it. Ha! Glad you had fun on your trip. Love the pictures!

Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Gladys said...

Awww...looks like everyone had an amazing time! How fun!

P.S. All your activities are sooo cute...I hope I'm comment #7. Crossing my fingers! ;)


Conchy said...

I've never been to "the Windy City" but I'd love to go. I'd also love to meet you bloggers who inspire me to make learning fun for my students.

One day... Since I live a little far away. But I so t stop dreaming!

Thanks for all you do and share with the rest of us!


Bren P. said...

A cupcake ATM?! I want to hug whoever thought of that! I ♥ baseball! And these activities are ridiculously cute! I. Am. In. Love.

The Teacher Diaries

Mindi said...

Too cute! I love Chicago and I love baseball even more :) it *might* have something to do with the pants!

Michelle Hudgeons said...

Love this pack!! How adorable!
Michelle @ Smitten With First

Unknown said...

I love the baseball theme and Wrigley. I am a Chicago girl.

rachel said...

Chicago looks so fun! I love the baseball game! My students struggled with that, this would be a great review!

rachel said...
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rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Miss Primary said...

7 is my favorite number and I LOVE baseball! :)

I actually added this unit to my TpT cart today!!!

Love love,

Little Miss Primary

Kelli said...

We are doing all this week and I would *LOVE* to incorporate this into my Word Work centers!

Little Miss Primary said...

7 is my lucky number and I LOVE baseball! :) Oh bummer. I think I'm the 6th person but 7th comment.

I added your unit to my TpT basket TODAY so I'm excited to purchase it!!

Love love,

Little Miss Primary

madefor1stgrade said...

So jealous of your fun trip to Chicago! So many neat people and ideas flowing through Chicago! Looks like you had a great time. Your activities are a shutout! Isn't the blog world awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Diane and Kelly

Susie Q said...

Dang! I'm too late! I so wanted to be the 7th person. My family and I love baseball. Every vacation we go to a MLB game. Wrigley Field is amazing! My husband even proposed to me at Dodgers Stadium:)

Learning With Susie Q

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great time! I've never heard of a Cupcake ATM. How did it taste? Fresh? A machine like that would be dangerous for me! LOL!
❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

Mrs. McHaffie said...

What a fun post!! A little bit jealous of that Chicago trip!! How much fun!?!
The blogging world has totally transformed my way of teaching!

You and Hubby are too cute! :)

Beg, Borrow, Steal

My First Love said...

"-all" is in our next phonics unit. I am going to add this to my TpT cart right away! Adorable:)

Unknown said...

Oooh... I wish I had been 7th! Wrigley Field is my favorite place in the whole world... I have season tickets! (Only took 10 years on the waiting list, but I did it.) I LOVE your baseball themed activity. My entire room looks like Wrigley Field. I'm going to try to take some pictures of it for my new blog. If you want, stop by and check out a picture of me on the pitcher's mound at Wrigley. As a perk of being a season ticket holder, I got to go on the field with my family! I am so glad you had fun in Chicago and am happy to be one of your newest followers!!!

Unknown said...

Oops... forgot my blog link! Visit my blog Sliding Into First!

aunt shimmy said...

The pack looks like a lot of fun!!! Glad that you and yours had a great time! I just love your blog!! Keep up the good works! Thanks for it all!

Underpaid and Overblessed said...

I just love this! I have a sports-themed classroom and my hubby's favorite place in the whole world is Wrigley Field. Thanks for sharing! So cute!


Mrs. Wright said...

You all inspire me, I live in Chicago and I had seen you all, I would have been star struck. Glad you all enjoyed the city. That baseball field and players are too cute. Thanks for sharing

First Grade Journal

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