Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful. {In a "Platefull"}

Thanksgiving!  One of my absolute FAVORITE times of the year, especially as a teacher!  I am SUPER PUMPED about my annual Thankful Platefull Projects!  I have been doing these for about 5 years now, and each year, they just get better and better.  {And, yes, platefull is totally another made up word.  I'll just call it a "Cooley-ism."}  Anyway, I love hearing my sweet little ones share everything that they are most thankful for each year!  First, I have my students make a list of people and other things they are thankful for.  After that, they plan their plates {in class} on a planning page.  I send home the project notes with a sturdy plate, and wait anxiously for the due date!  Easy!  

{Check out my Thankful Platefull Project Packet on TpT!
It includes everything you will need to spread the Thanksgiving cheer this season!}

Below is a photo of my "platefull"!  I used clear plastic plates this year, and I think I will continue!  They look so pretty, and it is easy to tape items to the plate and remove them.  I shared my plate with my first graders when I introduced our project.  This year  I am SO thankful.  I feel blessed beyond measure!  God has truly blessed our family with so many gifts. 

My "platefull" of thankful:  I am thankful for all kinds of delicious food {the fork}, pretty things like jewelry and clothes {bracelet}, my sweet Emma, my husband Jon, my new home, great music, LOVE, my pug Teddy, flowers, and teaching {the apple}.  
I got really excited and went ahead and put up "Our Thankful Platefull Projects" header!  One adorable project was turned in early!!!  So, there it is, waiting for more plates to join it!

I want to create a classroom community in which we are giving of ourselves, and I want to make sure we are all spreading the joy of Thanksgiving this season.  I added little "Thankful" notes to our writing station, explaining to my students that their little notes can make a BIG difference in someone's life!  We should all take the time to tell others just how much they mean to us! I put 50 letters in the basket the first day. And they were ALL GONE.  The kids couldn't wait to give their notes to our Principal, specials teachers, friends, family, and Kindergarten teachers.  I got 2 the first day.  Here is one of them:
{What a sweet guy!}


Bren P. said...

This is a wonderful idea! I love your Thankful Platefull project! And how cute are the thankful notes?!

The Teacher Diaries

Unknown said...

Very cute idea!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Unknown said...

The platefuls of thankfuls are such a super great idea!
Amy Howbert

Little Miss Organized

vicky1970 said...

Sarah -
That is such a fun project! I love it and it's sucha great hands on lesson for your kiddos!
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Heather's Heart said...

I love this idea Sarah! What a special memory your kiddos will have to keep. =)

Heather's Heart

Pam said...

The thankful notes are adorable! If I had more time this year to do it I totally would (we have the entire week of Thanksgiving off which is great and not at the same time)! Next year! :)

Diary of a First Grade Teacher

michaelshoney said...

This sounds so much more meaningful than the turkey decorating project that I have seen. It is too late for me this year, but I will definitely do this next year. I was looking for a download for your thankful coupons because that I CAN do this year. Is that a free download or part of your packet?

Unknown said...

How awesome! I think I'm going to try to use this. You have great ideas and I've been following you for awhile *unofficially*. Now that I am joining the blogging world I am officially following you. :) If you have time to check out a newbie, visit my blog.
God Bless!
Cruz'n in First

Srta Pooh e Chef Mota said...

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Anonymous said...

Just love your pictures... thanks for sharing your ideas..
I'm a student teacher from India.. I'm definitely going to tell about ur blog to my friends.. It's amazing.

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