Monday, April 15, 2013

Giant Sunflowers

So all of my readers by now should know about my terrible gardening skills--if not, please read this post.  And also this one.
Funnily enough, we are now learning about...PLANTS!!!  HA!  Even though I have bad luck with real plants, I can totally deal with some paper plants.  So today, I let the kids go crazy with butcher paper, and make a mess that totally stressed me (I *may* have a *tiny* OCD thing about a clean and organized classroom--I had to tell myself a few times to just PUT down the broom!), but the end results were too precious.  I would brave the mess again for such cuteness.

Giant sunflowers=giant mess.

Although I love craft templates, sometimes you need to give kids some paper, scissors, and glue, and let them just create.  I LOVE how UNIQUE each flower is, and the kids were so proud that they made their special flower all by themselves!  


Reagan Tunstall said...

oh sooo cute!!!

Tiffany May said...

Sarah I'm totally with you when it comes to sometimes just letting kids get creative with the glue, paper, and scissors. The sunflowers are too cute!!

(( HUGS ))

Miss Squirrels said...

Those may be the best flowers I have ever seen- love that they got to create!
Going Nutty!

Mrs. Griffith said...

I'm totally with you on being a neat-freak! I.Hate.Messes! But...your kiddos flowers look great! Thinking this may just go down in my room next week : )

For the Love of First Grade

Julie Marciniak said...

I have just the right scrap pile for this project!
Great idea!

Mr. First Grade said...

These look great! I do something similar this time of year to help brighten up the room :-)

Mr. First Grade

Jennifer White said...

LOVE the sunflowers1
First Grade Blue Skies

Miss 27 said...

Kudos for going outside your comfort zone. It paid off so well! All the flowers are perfect. I can only imagine how proud of themselves your students are.

vicky1970 said...

I bet your kids loved making those..super cute Sarah.
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Dawn said...

I love letting my kids be creative. We will be working with plants soon, so we will need to make some cute flowers, too! Your kids did a great job on theirs!

Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

I love how unique each flower is. Great idea, Sarah. :)

The Brown-Bag Teacher

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