Saturday, June 1, 2013

Emma's Learning and Craftivity Box


So, my summer bucket list is already getting items checked off left and right.  This summer has already been my favorite yet--having a three year old is busy and entertaining!  Emma and I have already spent a day in P.J.'s watching movies, had a living room dance party, spent hours splashing in the pool, have had a few morning tea parties with a surprise birthday for Elmo, and each day I let her choose some fun activities out of her learning and craftivity box!  I want to make sure she continues to learn and grow throughout the summer so she can pick right back up when she returns to daycare in the fall.

I don't know what it is, but there is something about the "Learning & Craftivity Box" that makes everything in it more exciting to her.  Also, when it is not in use, it goes in the top of a closet--to make it more of a "special" thing!

I found the big box at Michael's--it may not look like it, but it can hold TONS of stuff!!!  

We spend about 30-45 minutes a day doing activities from the box. I try to pick some out first, and then I let her pick a few.  Emma's favorite so far has been painting with watercolors.  We may have to refresh the paper and paints more than once this summer!

My favorites are the Kumon activity books--they are awesome!  We spent a whole morning practicing using a glue stick and making the cutest stick puppets with the "Let's Sticker & Paste" booklet.  Emma loves using her safety scissors, and there are cool things to cut and create with the "Let's Cut Paper" book.  I was shocked when I realized that she was already able to trace letters--so I bought her the "My First Book of Tracing"--it has really BIG lines of all kinds, including letters, shapes, and basic handwriting lines that are perfect for toddlers and early learners.  I can't say enough good things about those books!

The picture below shows all the items that are packed into the box.  I will probably add new things every few weeks to keep it fresh and exciting!

Items from this box coming soon to my TpT store...

BIG Alphas--great for classroom walls and/or letter recognition games! 

Letter/sound animal flash cards--I'm using these with Emma and a sweet little girl that I'm tutoring this summer!  

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Sara Connell said...

What a cute idea!!! I can't wait for my first pj day with my boys! :) Looks like you are having a fun summer.
First Grade Funtastic

Rachel said...

Love the learning and craftivity box! Thank you for the inspiration! Will be creating one with my daughter:)

The Tongass Teacher said...

The flash cards are adorable! I hope you're making number flashcards with cute graphics as well!

You can follow me on Instagram @tongassteacher
Teaching in the Tongass

She (Sprinkle Teaching Magic) said...

Ahhh sounds like you are having a blast with your little one. The living room dance party sounds particularly fun! Isn't instagram addicting?

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Kelly said...

My daughter is getting ready to go in the 5th grade, I don't know if I could get her interested in the learning part of the box (4th-5th grade level). Now that she is older it is hard to get her into school in the summer, but she would definitely go for the playdough, paints, etc... Great idea!
I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

Rachelle said...

Do you have a personal instagram too? I want to get one for my classroom but can't figure out how to add on another one since I already have a personal one. Any suggestions?

Tiffany May said...

Love the craftivity box!!I can't wait to use my numbers in my room next year! Whoo hoo!!


Liz said...

I love the craftivity box! I wish I had a little one to do that with! Enjoy the summer!

anniekate said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to create boxes for my girls! A couple questions for you...
what section of Michaels did you get the box? Was it in the scrapbooking aisle? Also, any chance you would make two of those cover sheets for my daughers and I could pay you for them? Or make a file for TPT with boy and girl and I'm sure others would purchase if the name part was editable! Thanks so much :)

I love all your work!


anniekate said...

This is awesome! Thanks so much for the fun idea.

*What section of Micheals did you get this box? The scrapbooking aisle?

*Any chance you could make a cover sheet for my daughters if I paid you for them?

Thanks for all your amazing work! I love it all!


Ms.M said...

It is so precious I love it all.

Nora @OnlinePhDDegreePrograms said...

I love this idea! I have been trying to find something like this for my daughter who is off for the summer as well. I think all little girls secretly just love to paint. I will have to start following you to keep up with all these cute ideas.
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Miss DeCarbo said...

You are one awesome mommy! Sounds like a fun summer so far! :)

Sugar and Spice

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