Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting My Craft On...#create2educate

Last week I went to my classroom.  It was *slightly* productive.  I mean, I FINALLY found some fabric for my bulletin boards and *attempted* to put it up--all while cleaning up the many messes of pattern blocks, markers, letter magnets, and stuffed buddies that my 3-year-old left all over the room.  And also, I was interrupted nearly every 10 minutes in the midst of organizing, to take her on tiny "field trips" to the "cool school potty" that flushes all by itself! {Y'all.  Getting my new classroom ready is like a circus this year!  HA!}

With all the craziness, there were times I just sat in my classroom, and pretty much just STARED at the walls--trying to imagine where I wanted things, and how I wanted my boards and walls and desks and class library and... EVERYTHING... to look!  I decided I needed to go shopping.  That makes everything better.

I was so excited to get some inspiration after a kid-free, uninterrupted, super-long shopping trip to Michael's (who I am so excited to partner with for #Create2Educate)!  I was on a mission to find items to create a cool new way for my students to display their Daily Data choices each week!  

First, I found scrapbook paper that matched my bulletin board fabric perfectly (yay)! I also picked up a spool of pink ribbon, foam brushes, an Elmer's Craft Bond Glue Stick, and 3 small baking pans: 

To create the Daily Data pans, I trimmed the paper to fit inside a laminating pouch.  I added one of my favorite scalloped borders to the top of each scrapbook paper, then laminated with my Scotch laminator (how did I live without it?!?).  I hot glued the laminated pages to each pan, and added the pink ribbon accent to the bottom--for two reasons: 
1.  It looks cute.  
2.  I trimmed the paper too much.  
{I'm NOT Martha Stewart!}  

I also bought plastic buttons {by Creatology} and button magnets.  These will be made into picture magnets for each of my students.  They will place their picture magnets on the pan that lists their choice for the question that week!  To create the picture magnets, all you do is snap off the pin on the back of each plastic button, cut out a picture and pop it into the button, and attach a button magnet.  EASY.

{I made an example with Emma's baby picture below.}

Each Monday, the Daily Data question will be displayed on my white board--for example, "What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?"  On each of the pans, I will write a choice with the dry erase marker.  The students will place their picture magnet on the pan.  Each week, there will be a new question, but throughout the week, we will use the information displayed to complete graphs, draw conclusions, create equations, and more.

Now, here is the cool part.  You too can go shopping at Michael's, and create your own classroom project--if you upload your creation to Instagram using the hashtags #create2educate AND #sweepstakes (you have to use both), your project could be featured on Michael's "Classroom Ideas" Pinterest board, and you could even win a $50 gift card to Michael's for your future creations!!!    

Follow @firstgraderatlast and @MichaelsStores on Instagram!

Sweepstakes Details:

Michaels knows that creative teachers work hard all year to captivate their students, to making “boring” things come to life, and to create environments that fuel education. Join us in keeping the inspiration going as we kick off the 2013/2014 school year with the#Create2Educate sweepstakes!

Create your own Back-to-School project—anything from classroom décor and organization, to a learning activity for your students. Then, enter the Michaels sweepstakes by uploading a photo of your creation to Instagram using #Create2EducateAND #sweepstakes.

Each day we’ll feature our favorite Instagram photos on the Michael’s “Classroom Ideas”Pinterest board, and we’ll randomly pick one lucky teacher daily to win a $50 Michael’s Gift Card. Create as many Back-to-School projects as you’d like and upload photos of them to Instagram for more chances to win. #Create2Educate opens for entries on July 21st and closes on August 3rd. Head to Michael’s and get inspired today.

 Don’t’ forget that teachers get 15% off of their purchase all year long at Michaels! 


Jennifer White said...

They turned out great!
First Grade Blue SKies

Mrs. McHaffie said...

I am loving this idea of a Daily Data board!! I usually do a 'Graphing Question of the Day' but with all the Common Core and Marzano requirements this sounds much better!!! Plus, I can't wait to copy yours! :) It's just too cute!

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Leslie Ann Rowland said...

These are wonderful!!! SO creative! :)

Kelley Dolling said...

Whoop . . . whoop . . . great "make" my dear! I actually think I could roll with this one myself and it wouldn't look like the Kinders down the hall made it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

I love this!! Ooooohhhhh I'm copying you!! Our school does Investigations and this will be perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Sneaker Teacher said...

Those look great! I am thinking about getting my own laminator so I can laminate whenever I want to (we have rules at school and only a volunteer can laminate on designated days). I will look into the Scotch one. I don't want to spend too much just for the convenience, yet I do have school funds I can spend. I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

Marcy G said...

What a great idea! Did the hot glue work well? I used a cookie sheet similarly, but it was difficult to get glue to stick and stay.


Sarah Cooley said...

Thanks Marcy! I did have to add a little tape to hold it in place!

Sarah Cooley said...

Thanks Leslie Ann!!!

Lori said...

I love that idea of Daily Data Pans! They turned out really cute too. Your first days just sitting in your room wondering what to do with everything sounds just like my first days every year!
Conversations in Literacy

Mrs Cupcake said...

What a fun idea!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Heather said...

Oh I love those buttons! They could be used so many ways! I'm for sure doing that this year! Thanks for the idea!

The Kinder Garden said...

What a fun idea! I bet your kiddos will not even be able to get OVER using their own "face-magnets"... haha! Nice work!


Sheila Bufano said...

Too cute! I was thinking of doing a question of the day and this looks so much cuter than what I had planned. I just need to make sure I have the room to display it.

Lyndsey (A Year of Many "Firsts") said...

Darling little idea! Emma's little picture makes it even cuter!!! I'm buying these things today! Thanks, friend!

ashleythurston said...

where is the scallop border from ?

Mrs. Altman-Lewis said...


You're not on I just added you address to my bloglovin account. This would be a great and easy way to get additional followers!

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