Monday, June 2, 2014

My Book Talk is Fancy.

I know most of you teachers out there know the Fancy Nancy series of books, but what you may not know is how magical it is to meet the author and illustrator of them--so I can't wait to share my experience as part of my first book talk of the summer (thanks to Deanna Jump's "Let's Talk About Books" linky party)!

My little girl Emma loves the Fancy Nancy series of books so much.  There was a point when we were reading the original Fancy Nancy every night for 3 or 4 weeks straight.  And, although it was a little daunting to read the same book again and again, I also realized that at only 2 years old, this was the first book she ever loved that much.  I loved the way she watched my face when I would make the sad voice when Nancy trips and drops the tray of sundaes.  I love that she could retell the story in her own words--but that it sounded just like when I read it-- all theatrical & dramatic.  For Emma's 3rd birthday, we even had a Fancy Nancy "soiree"--we all dressed up in fancy clothes. It was a little ridiculous.  And she loved every minute of the girly-ness.

I was beyond excited when just about a month ago, I learned that Jane O' Connor would be visiting our local bookstore.  I picked Emma up early from school, and "fancied" her up. can't meet the author of Fancy Nancy without being fancy.   When we pulled into the parking lot, my teacher heart leaped for joy.  Sitting there in front of my face was a fantastically fun Fancy Nancy tour bus-- with illustrations of the newest book, The Wedding of the Century--plastered all over it.  My mind was racing--"OH, the photo opportunities!!!"

After I took the picture below, a guy stepped out of the bus and told us that after the book signing we could go in the tour bus.  You mean, we can really go in there??? {At this point, I *MAY* have been a little more excited than my kid.}

We had to wait over an hour before the book signing I kept Emma busy by buying her a sprinkle sugar cookie the size of her face.  Everything is better when you have cookies.

After one giant sugar cookie, half an apple juice box, posing for several selfies, and 4 Frozen books later--Jane O' Connor made her appearance.  And y'all.  She is precious.  She shared that Fancy Nancy was inspired by her as a little girl.  It was so much fun when Robin Glasser, the illustrator--was escorted out in full fancy wedding attire.  Jane O' Connor read aloud The Wedding of the Century, and then had the little girls come up to help decorate and "fancy up" her outfit for the wedding...

Then they had everyone practice balancing bananas on their heads.  
This was Emma's favorite part.

Robin Glasser doodled a little butterfly on her hand.

After getting our books signed, we headed back out to explore the Fancy Nancy tour bus!
The couch.

The little table/kitchen.

The fancy bedroom--her face says it all in this picture!  :)  So magical.

The bus even had a fancy shower.  

It was definitely a day we will never forget.  If you ever get a chance to see Jane O' Connor or have her at your school, I know you will just love it!  

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Laura said...

How exciting that y'all got to meet the author! Your baby and that bus are completely adorable! Love some Nancy!! Thanks for sharing!
Peace, Love, and First Grade

Julie said...

How Cool is that bus?!?! She is totally precious! (is that MJ she has on?) :)

Southern Ladye said...

What fun! My two nieces adore Fancy Nancy so for their birthdays I took them to see Fancy Nancy the Musical and we were able to get pictures with the cast. This would have been the icing on the cake!

Angela Griffith said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE Fancy Nancy books!!!!! I want to go to those things, but I don't have any children, lol!!! And my nephews are too old!! Hmmmm.....I have a goddaughter, I think I'm going to start borrowing her so I can go, lol!!

The Daily Alphabet

Linda said...

OMG!!!! Super fun! Glad Emma loved it too!

Down the Learning Road

Lita Lita said...

I use Fancy Nancy Books with my First graders. Even the boys take them from the classroom library! We love the fancy words (new vocabulary) she uses and all the details. Works great for description.

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

She is a hit in my Multi-age 2-3 classroom too! How exciting for you! Smiles and stop by anytime!

Shelby - First Time Firstie said...

LOVE! What an amazing experience! I love using the Fancy Nancy books in my class because the vocabulary is amazing. It's such a sneaky way to teach them new words ;)

Thanks for sharing!
First Time Firstie

Kristin said...

Love this!!!!!

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