Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christmas in July & NEW Clip Art

We went shopping in Hobby Lobby the other day, and they were putting out Christmas decorations.  My little Emma (age 4) walks straight up to a life sized Santa statue, gives it a hug, and says, "Santa! Thank goodness you're back!  And I see you've brought me presents..."  Oh dear!  We are missing Santa already at our house!  ;)

Even though Hobby Lobby is a little crazy for putting out decorations this early...I think it's the perfect time for a little Christmas in July Sale!  My friends over at Blog Hoppin' are all joining in on the fun.  Every couple of days, until July 26th, each of us will put a new item or items for sale in our TpT shops.

 I have started a new little adventure into creating clip art!  I have created 6 new sets (one is free--all school stuff!), and FIVE of them are on sale for my first sale of "Christmas in July"!

Fall will be here before we know it...Apple Guys & Apple Pies has funky mod trees, and swirly apples that make me happy:

I was really random with these "retro-ish" doodles:

I created the stick farm set and love the silly look of the animals.  They are silly because I can't really draw animal legs.  So they are stick legs.  Haha!

And these Cute Pie kids would be cute for helper tags, or new year decorations, or just for fun:

And my FAVE so far:

Check out my calendar below to see what I plan on putting on sale in the upcoming days...


Destiny Christian said...

These are adorable! I can't even draw stick legs as good as that :)

Terrific Teaching and Learning

Linda said...

You are doing great with your doodles!

Down the Learning Road

Krista Kraemer said...

I LOVE all of these-- they are so cute! I just started a first grade teaching blog last week and have put my latest creations in my TPT store. I can't wait to add this cute clip art to some of my new things! Thanks!

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