Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kick off the school year with Kevin Henkes

I don't think my beginning of the school year would feel right if I didn't have my Kevin Henkes books.  Starting day one, I always share my ultimate favorite--Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse--to help  introduce our class rules.  Lilly is awesome, because she is just like that "one student".  You know the one--everyone has one...personality and spunk for days, but mischievous and quick, too.

The mouse books are ideal for our "All About Me" unit of study--because we discuss character traits and describing words for each of the characters (which all have human characteristics and feelings)! After creating all of our character trait maps (see below), I like to have the students tell me which mouse character they think they are the most like.


This year during our study, I also plan on using my newest creation, The Mouse Album!

I can. NOT. wait.  The kids will illustrate each character in the album, and then reflect by responding to comprehension questions, making inferences, using vocabulary from the books, and writing and/or doodling their text to self connections. (Click the picture below to purchase.)  
Other Fun Things I Have Found {a.ka. I Have a Shopping Problem}...

I found these stuffed animals on Amazon last year.  The kids absolutely adore reading with them.  Sometimes I will even use them as a reward.  "Whoever is working super hard today will get to have Lilly or Penny sit on their desk!"


In related news, did you know that Kevin Henkes is releasing a new book this fall???  I have already pre-ordered my copy, because...well, I just HAD to have it!

At the end of our Kevin Henkes author study, I love showing movies of the stories to make the characters really come to life!



Abby said...

This is precious!!! <3 <3 <3

Kathleen said...


amy.lemons said...

So stinkin' cute!

Unknown said...

I love the mouse album! I also use Lily and Chrysanthemum at the beginning of the year to teach rules and being a good friend. I just put it in my. TPT cart. I didn't know there were movies! Now I'm off to Amazon to look for them!! Thank you for a great blog post!

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