Thursday, August 6, 2015

A "Beary" Fun Meet the Teacher!

I met all 21 of my precious littles tonight.  And it was a whirlwind, as usual.  I spent all afternoon praying over my new class, and putting together treat bags filled with gummy bears.  I only ate about one million of them.  #truth  There are so many cute treat ideas, I couldn't decide what to do. #thankspinterest ....I almost did teddy grahams, but the gummy bears are more colorful.  Plus, I like to eat them...obviously.  

If you'd like the tags, you can download them here! (Sorry, I only have first grade tags, but I love you all!  I'm just meet the teacher tired.)  


jbales said...

Yay! Thank you so much for sharing this tag. My classroom family is the Bales' Bears, so this is perfect for me! Thanks again!

Sarah said...

this is really cute! I plan on doing bubbles this year..but will have to save it in my stockpile for next year. :)


April & Laura said...

What program did you use to print and cut these? I'm trying to import the image so I can use my silhouette cameo but it says the file type isn't supported. Trying to figure this out before I end up hand cutting these out!

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