Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Variety of Fall Fun-tivities--in Photographs.

September always brings apple fun.  I can't stand the cuteness of those kid created apple core art projects!  They are still in the hallway, and I don't want to take them down!  In other news, hanging that giant tree was all kinds of hilarious. YES,  it's off center.  Don't even worry about it.

We created a class book together to learn how to create "How to" writing pieces.

Of course we had our annual Apple Tasting Party!  Had to tally up our favorites.  

We made scrappy owlets out of brown paper bags and scrap book paper...

A little bat labeling chart, helpful for our nonfiction writing unit:

We started counting collections using "spooky bags" and everyone got a bag of fun Halloween erasers.

The week of Halloween, a teacher on my fabulous first grade team came up with the idea to have her students practice descriptive writing by describing monsters.  I thought it was a super fun idea, and since we had just read and LOVED the book I Need My Monster, we read it again--listening for great describing words in the text for each monster.  Afterward I gave each pair of students a top secret folder with a monster inside to describe.  The kids worked together to write a description of their monster, and then they read it aloud to the class to see if the rest of the class could guess which monster on the wall belonged to them!  It was great fun for the week of Halloween.

The kids created these funky pumpkins and wrote silly stories about them.  Cutest collection of pumpkins ever.

We read the book Pumpkin Town and then created a town collage, complete with seeds and pumpkins.  The kids used magazines and paper bags to create the houses, and it looks AWESOME.  One goal this week is to create a shared writing at the top of the chart to retell the plot of the story.

And last, because I'm a proud mommy, look at my happy little baby gnome on Halloween!  
AHHH!  I love him!


Positively Learning said...

Oh, your gnome ♥ !!
It looks like your fall was full of fun! I just pinned the owls and Spooky Bags to keep in mind for next year! Thanks :)

Brandy Withers said...

Oh. My. Gosh! He is such an adorable little gnome! Cutest costume ever!

Leslie Ann Rowland said...

Your little gnome is by far the cutest gnome EVER! Also, you are simply so stinkin' creative! Even now that I teach 5th grade, I'm still inspired by your work!! Love, love, love!

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