Saturday, November 15, 2014

Five on a Saturday...

1.  I got this ADORABLE mug that made my mornings a little happier.  And...I promptly lost it three days later.  It's seriously nowhere to be found.  That's how I roll.  I may have to go buy another.

2.  We went on our annual field trip to the zoo!  OH, the zoo.  We went in November.  On the coldest day so far this fall...and we FROZE.  Luckily, most of the animals didn't mind the cold at all, so we still got to see all the creatures.  

I wanted to be as prepared as possible for this field trip.  I sort of suffer from teacher OCD/paranoia when it comes to field trips, and I like lists.  Lots and lots of lists.  I created an editable field trip kit that y'all can download for FREE {here}.  In my kit, I added everything I used for our field trip this past week!  My absolute new favorite thing though, were these chaperone kits I made for the parents who came and froze with us.  The kits are just gallon sized baggies, filled with snacks, band-aids, baby wipes/hand sanitizer, and a card with important meet-up times, and my phone number for emergencies.  

3.  Speaking of the zoo... the morning of our trip, I had each of the kids draw an animal they hoped to see.  This was one of the drawings.  Oh, bless.  

4.  The Mayflower of Facts.  An awesome teacher on my team came up with the idea to create a Mayflower and pilgrim display together in the hallway.  I mean, I can't even handle how cute it turned out.  I told her this is officially our new Thanksgiving tradition.  We didn't give the kids templates (I honestly just love the look of kid-created art pieces).  They each cut out their own little pilgrim, and then we had them write one fact (about pilgrims or the Mayflower).  

5.  I am back to creating, and it makes me happy.  Here are some of the newest items I've added to my TpT shop:

Mayflower Memories--an interactive learning booklet.  My class has already completed half of the book!  I love using this booklet along with Scholastic's First Thanksgiving page! 

Here is a preview of what is included:  

Troll-rific Tallies is a unit that I started TWO years ago.  I just finished it this week--I have earned the award for Biggest Procrastinator, ever!  I love this unit--mainly because I am super proud that I finished it.   

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First Grade Funtastic said...

I love your chaperone kit! I am always paranoid when it comes to field trips too. Your Mayflower project is so cute. I bought your tally unit tonight. I am glad you are back to creating. :)

Positively Learning said...

Rainbow Unicorn! That child & I would def get along :)
Your new units look awesome & I pinned the Chaperone Kit idea for our upcoming field trip.
Thank you! Jen

Jill Sloothaak said...

The rainbow unicorn! Lol!

ABCs and Polkadots

Unknown said...

Sarah, I just love reading your posts! I hope I find your mug. So adorable. That Mayflower unit needs to be in my classroom tomorrow! :) Happy creating!!! Glad you are back in the swing!

Unknown said...

Love your mug. Coffee is a necessity every morning. By the way, I am your newest follower!


Ashley Smith ~ The Primary Source said...

The rainbow unicorn is HYSTERICAL!! I have a little friend in my class that would have probably drawn the same thing. Also, I LOVE your coffee mug...I NEED it! Where did you find it?

Meenal said...

I had a firstie draw the Mayflower as a floating flower in a blue sea! Gotta love first grade logic!

Melissa said...

Love the coffee mug. Does it keep your coffee hot for a while? I always set my cup down and forget about it for a bit, then I NEED a big gulp. I once found my lost cup on a shelf of supplies above the coat cubbies. I had set it down so I could help one of my sweeties.

J9nKidz said...

Ohhh.... I just bought myself mug like that for my birthday, already lost the lid.. I mean, just the lid? Really? Poop! Oh my bless, lol the a Rainbow Unicorn! :D THAT wud b what my child would draw lol! And, I'm RACING OVER for the reindeer pack NOW! Also, a great big huge thank you for the ever so super super PERFECT Tooth Care Package you created as well!!! (That's how I found your blog). It's just gorgeous & packed with exactly what I need for my five year olds (very late) first trip to a read Dentist which she's NOT at all Looking forward too! I Know this package will assist her in being more comfortable with going. Thank you again and Blessed Holiday Season to you!

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