Monday, November 24, 2014

T is for...

It’s hard to believe, but I almost wasn’t a teacher. 

When I first started college, my mind was completely made up that I would work in advertising.  I got an amazing internship opportunity my sophomore year, and thought I was set.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that it didn’t make me happy.  And I wasn’t good at it.  It just wasn’t working.

God opened doors and placed teaching on my heart.  I am so very thankful that He knew what I needed, and showed me the way.  

I taught 4th grade my first two years.  It was hard—the kind of hard that made me want to give up this dream and do something else.  I couldn’t see the big picture.  

This year, the 4th grade students I had that very first HARD year-- will graduate from high school.  Through Facebook, I saw that one of those students just got her college acceptance letter to the University of Alabama.  I BAWLED like a little baby, y’all.  Not only was I beyond proud of this kid, but I felt that in some way, I was part of her journey to get there, you know?  

What we do as teachers, each and every day, is so much bigger than we can see.  We are helping kids reach their goals and accomplish dreams.  And, I’m not going to lie…I also cried because I feel super OLD—but that’s another story.

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Ashley Smith ~ The Primary Source said...

We truly have the greatest job, don't we?!? Happy Thanksgiving!

Positively Learning said...

I'm SO happy you went with teaching! I've been following for a long time (well, long in the blogging world) and use your would be such a loss if you weren't working in education! My very first students are now married, which is shocking since I feel so very young ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

I almost was not a teacher too! And then when I started school.. I was so afraid of the little ones and now that is where my heart lies! I remember when I got my student teaching assignment everyone was like "ohhh.. they put Jen in kinder!" LOL. Now I am thankful they did!
Simply Kinder

Karen Stamp said...

What an amazing connection we have with all our "kids"! Isn't it great!?
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

kinder4life said...

I have been asked twice to speak at our High School graduation when former Kindergartners were graduating. The first was in 1992 when my first class of kInders graduated. The second was just last year! I am so blessed to have stayed with the same school system and be able to watch my kinders grow up. One former Kindergartner was our High school principal a few years ago and I am currently teaching with some of my former students! It makes you realize what an impact we do have on their lives. It also makes you realize how old you REALLY are!

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