Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine ideas, a freebie, a cool book, paint, and love.

Hello, friends!  It's been awhile!  I'm back, and ready to blog.  Here are my five randoms of the week:

1.  I'm back on MyFitnessPal.  And I'm hungry.   That's all.

2.  Valentine's Day--it's kind of a big deal. 
I kind of love Valentine's Day.  It is the cutest little holiday ever.  I love all the hearts, flowers, candy, and pink things.  That is why my classroom currently looks like a giant Valentine Village.  It's getting a little out of hand, and I'm not finished yet.  We've still got a week to go, people.

The kids created these giant hearts.  They drew pictures of all the things they love most, cut them out, and glued them inside the hearts.  They look so festive up there on the wall!  

To practice combinations to 10, everyone got a small bag of candy hearts.  They used the hearts to show a way to make ten.  I made it a little more challenging by explaining that they couldn't use the same way as someone at their table.  I also said they could add three numbers together to make 10.  They used Elmer's glue to attach the hearts to small blue plates.  This display just makes my eyes happy.  All my favorite colors!  I used a silver sharpie to write the names on each plate.

We finally got back to some interactive writing.  I LOVE making interactive writing charts!  After we worked together to write the steps and illustrate, the kids used the directions to create their own Valentine.  

And...I can't wait to use some of this little packet leading up to Valentine's Day!  
Next week is going to be awesome.

3.  I'm feeling adventurous.  I'm about to pull out some paint...for word work next week.  Yep, I'm crazy.  But y'all, I'm desperate for new and creative word work ideas.  I thought it might be fun to use paint for ai/ay week.  This may just be a Monday deal, because I foresee spilled cups of water, painted desks, and such.  But it could be amazing--who knows?  I will choose to be positive.  {It's going to be the BEST word work station EVER!!!!!!}  Lol.  Click the picture to download a free copy of the page.  

4.  The Q & A Book is a must-have for any parent.  Someone shared this a few months ago on Instagram.  Thank you, whoever you are!  I've been filling it out every night before bedtime with my four year old.  This book will be priceless one day!  

I especially love the "heart-warming" entries like this one...

Corn???!!!  Well, okay, then. 

5.  Love is...

I was actually inspired by the Q & A book to interview my students this week.  I asked each of them to tell me what love is.  I used a photo of each of them holding a sign, and typed up their response on the photo.  I printed and laminated them, and have all on display on my classroom door with the heading "Love is..."  (I would show it, but I don't show pics of the kids!  It is precious!)  Some of the responses...

Love is happiness.

If you love someone, you'd do anything for them.

Love means you marry somebody.

Love means you can't let go.

Love is when you really, really, really like someone.  

Love is when you like someone, and you tell them, and they say thank you or somethin'.  

I just love those sweet babies!!!

That's my 5 for the week!  Link up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday here.


Miss Kindergarten said...

Oh my goodness, I am so doing love is interview with my class next week!!

Positively Learning said...

This post is so full of lovely ideas! I just pinned the Ways to Make 10 - adorable!
Thank you so much :) Jen

Lita Lita said...

I love the interactive writing poster! What a great idea!

Amanda said...

I like the ways to make 10! So cheerful, and it looks like the kids had fun coming up with different ways to make 10 :)

A Very Curious Class

amy.lemons said...

I just love your classroom so much!

Jayme said...

I absolutely love your interactive writing chart! I'm trying to do more shared and interactive writing with my class but it's so hard to fit it all in! What an adorable idea! I have to ask, what fonts do you use especially for the pieces of my heart display? I just love it! Thanks for all of the great ideas.

Teach Talk Inspire

Unknown said...

LOVE! I'm going to have to do the plates with candy hearts!!

Julie said...

Love everything about this post! Soooo getting those journals for my kids now.

Mrs. Mack said...

I love your "Love is.." idea! I think I might do the same!


Christer said...

Your Ways to Make Ten activity is cute and meaningful. I love it! I love all your ideas! Thanks for your hard work and for sharing!

Nicole Wellard said...

I love your bookshelf idea! Where did you purchase your plastic shelving?

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